Industrial Tooling - Jig Saw Blades

Our jig saw blades are best utilized on portable reciprocating saws. We offer five blades designed to accommodate the following saw styles and most of their respective competitors: Black & Decker Saw, Rockwell Bayonet Saw, Rockwell Tiger Saw and two styles of Bosch saws. Featuring our state-of-the-art diamond bonding system, our P.B.S.® brand jig saw blades are uniquely crafted for trimming and/or cutting fiberglass or comparable composite materials.
   The special P.B.S.® brand bonding process used on these jig saw blades promotes high diamond exposure and virtually eliminates the loss of diamond particles through pull-out. The P.B.S.® brand advantage translates into an aggressive jig saw blade that is longer lasting, faster cutting, less loading and cooler running.

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