Crystalite® - CrystalMaster™ 8

Go from initial grinding to final polish with this CrystalMaster™ brand 8" professional grinder/polisher. This machine is excellent for large workpieces, flats, cabochon backs and inlay work.
· 1 year warranty
· 1/4 hp motor for durability and long life
· Variable speed control 0 - 2000 rpm (grind fast, polish slow)
· Accepts either 1/2" arbor hole or 1/4"-20 thread screwback mounted
discs or laps
· Flexible and variable water spout - water flow can be varied and easily directed to the cutting area. Water spout can be attached directly to the water source or to a submersible pump.
· 115V or 220/230V machines available

Also available separately is the CrystalMaster™ brand companion kit. It includes:
· One 8" 180 mesh Dot Disc™ brand diamond disc (screwback)
· Three 8" Master Lap™ brand laps (screwback)
· One 8" 600 mesh Miracle Lap™ brand diamond lap
· One 8" Final Polish Crystalpad™ brand pad
· One 8" Polypad™ brand pad
· One foam pad
· Two grams 50,000 mesh diamond compound
· Two grams 14,000 mesh diamond compound
· One 2 dram bottle Crystalube™ brand lubricant

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