Crystalite® - Crystalpad™ and Polypad™

These pads are engineered to eliminate orange peel and undercutting.
Pre-Polish Crystalpad™ brand pads are used with diamond compound 1200 mesh or coarser.
Final Polish Crystalpad™ brand pads are excellent for the final polish, using 3,000, 8,000, 14,000, and 50,000 mesh diamond compound. They have the necessary drag to flow finish a gemstone.
Using these pads will prevent undercutting and product a showcase finish on almost all lapidary stones. Use Crystalube™ brand lubricant with the diamond compound. Do not use water.
Polypad™ brand pads are leather-like urethane fiber pads used with conventional polishing powders (never with diamond compound), including linde "A" and tin and cerium oxide. These soft pads are an excellent choice for opal.

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