Industrial Tooling - Core Drills

Our P.B.S.® brand core drills are available in two mesh sizes to accommodate your specific application. The 40 mesh diamond drills are designed for use on fiberglass and other composite materials; and the 80 mesh diamond drills are designed for glass use. All drills offer a 1/8" return and a 1" cutting depth. Featuring our state-of-the-art diamond bonding system, our core drills are available in diameters of ¼" to 2", with all 40 mesh drills larger than ¾" accepting a Core Drill Pilot to guide the drill; 80 mesh core drills will not accept the pilot.
   All of our core drill products have a knock-out slot for removal of the core after drilling. Additional sizes and custom core drills are available. The special P.B.S.® brand bonding process used on these core drills promotes high diamond exposure and virtually eliminates the loss of diamond particles through pull-out. The P.B.S.® brand advantage translates into an aggressive core drill that is longer lasting, faster cutting, less loading and cooler running.

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