Crystalite® - CrystalMaster™ Pro 12

A grinder/polisher designed for the professional. A full size 12" disc can be mounted to the 1/3 HP direct drive motor for optimum performance. The system uses magnetic backed discs for quick efficient changes in mesh sizes. Uses either a recirculating or direct water supply.

· 1 year warranty
· Full 12" no arbor hole disc capacity
· 1/3 hp motor, high torque
· Magnetic disc holding system
· Variable speed control 400 to 1100 rpm
· Brush type splash guard allows large work pieces to pass thru
  while keeping spray inside
· Direct water supply connections or recirculating using a submersible
  pump (sold separately)
· Flexible coolant spout directs heavy coolant stream to any area
  of cutting surface
· 115v or 220/230v machines available
· 12" blank precision ground steel support plate

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