Our Commitment to Secure Ordering

Your trust in our business is important to us. Abrasive Technology is dedicated to protecting your on-line transactions with our Company and offers you the highest level of security available on the Internet. To accomplish that, we pledge that all of your personal data and credit card information will be encrypted at the highest commercially available level before it is transmitted over the Internet. As a result, only encrypted information travels over the Internet. In addition, we will not sell your name or any other information you provide on this site.

We encourage you to work closely with your bank and to follow their standard procedures for reporting lost or stolen cards and unauthorized transactions. Many banks either cover all fraudulent charges or charge the customer a maximum of $50. If your bank does hold you liable and the fraudulent activity through no fault of your own is a result of purchasing products from Abrasive Technology; we will reimburse you for your liability up to a maximum of $50.

We welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. Please feel free call us at any number listed below.